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In today’s fast-paced world, staying fit and healthy requires exercise and sensible eating, but what is often left out is the support your body needs to accomplish this. We at Nutrasumma® have developed a group of products that optimally support weekend warriors & serious athletes alike in achieving their fitness goals.


Fermented for optimum digestion & bioavailability.


Formulated for those seeking a vegetarian source of protein.


Made from the most natural source to ensure quality.


Safe option of protein that meets most people’s dietary needs.

  • How Fermented Pea Protein works?

    Protein plays a role in every healthy human cell. Many vegetarians supplement their diet with soy protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. Yet soy foods can trigger allergies, inhibit thyroid function, and lower levels of testosterone. Pea protein provides the same essential amino acids soy protein does, without the side effects!

  • Why use Fermented Pea Protein?

    Cultures around the world throughout recorded history have enjoyed health benefits from fermented foods. We combine this time-honored wisdom with modern science to take an already excellent 100% plant protein to a new and higher level!

  • Arginine Benefits

    • Increases exercise capacity — helping you work out harder*
    • Delays the onset of fatigue — helping you work out longer*
    • Helps the body use oxygen more efficiently*
    • Improves blood flow to the heart and muscles*
    • Helps combat exercise – induced free radicals*
  • XOS Prebiotic Benefits

    • Enhances immune system function*
    • Feeds beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract*
    • Helps with efficient nutrient absorption*
    • Supports healthy blood sugar levels*
    • Promotes optimum blood lipid levels*
  • Amino Clear Benefits

    • Take before your workout to support muscle recovery*
    • Increased power & energy while you work out*
    • May boost immunity*
    • Dissolves completely in water – smooth & pleasant texture
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January 2017
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Nekter Juice Bar

January 2017
Laguna Niguel, CA

EPIC Series Challenge

January 2017
Lake Elsinore, CA

Spartan Socal Super

February 2017
Phoenix Arizona

Spartan Race, Inc. Arizona Sprint


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