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Why Summa Lean?


Do you struggle with fatigue, excessive yawning or typically feel the urge to take a nap everyday? Do these ultimately affect your concentration at work, ability to get simple tasks done throughout the day or ruin your workouts? Have you struggled with difficulty in losing weight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Summa Lean is definitely the supplement for you!

As with most Nutrasumma products Summa Lean has been designed to deal with the causes of the body’s issues, not the symptoms. A less active metabolism is due to a variety of issues and each of the products strives to put the body in balance, rather than deal with topical problems. The combination of natural ingredients looks to stabilize ones ability to reduce stress, maximize the body’s natural values and enhance the body’s own ability to repair itself. Typically those that take Summa Lean state that this product has improved their mood, enhanced their metabolism and more efficiently burned fat. When they’ve forgotten to take Summa Lean they can immediately feel that their energy is lacking.

Some of the benefits of taking Summa Lean are:

  • Helps mobilize stored fat so it can be used as fuel
  • Raises the rate at which you burn calories
  • Helps you feel full longer
  • Promotes healthy thyroid function
  • Counteracts the metabolic toll of dieting

Summa Lean encourages weight loss while counteracting the metabolic toll of dieting, so your body starts working with you instead of against you. L-carnitine mobilizes stored fat into the mitochondria where it can be used as fuel. L-carnitine also helps with bone mass, muscle mass, Type II diabetes, brain function and many others. Summa Lean also contains thermo genic herbs such as green tea and bitter orange, which raise the rate at which you burn calories, and the herb irvingia increases your body’s sensitivity to leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel full.

When taking supplements to enhance energy the most common complaint is increased heart rate, difficulty breathing and jitters. There is no edgy jitters caused by Summa Lean, so you will not feel uncomfortable while your up, and there is no crash afterwards. The bottom line is Summa Lean provides your body with smooth and sustained energy to help continue your energy levels throughout the day.

Please be aware that taking Summa Lean with other Nutrasumma supplements isn’t harmful and can be extremely beneficial with the ultimate goal. If you have any questions on which products work well together please comment on the blog and we will get back to you.

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