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Why Nutrasumma is Awesome!

Nutrasumma products are created to enhance health and nutrition using the highest quality ingredients; to work with the body, not on the body, effectively creating “Supplements you can FEEL.” This focus has played out from the start of this company, it holds true today, and will continue to set the standard for this company, and the supplement industry as a whole… LONG into the future.

The products created by Nutra Summa, take into consideration the needs of the user, as well as the needs of the body, without compromising one for the other. Their emphasis on safety, testing, and awareness of allergens is above and beyond the demands required, and their goal of staying “5 years ahead of safety/testing requirements”, is one of the defining factors of this company’s integrity and devotion to the people it serves.

Nutra Summa searches the globe for the highest quality ingredients to build the safest, most effective products, consistently exceeding the standard at which they are “required” to adhere to. Once the ingredient source is found, each ingredient goes through a rigorous testing phase to ensure what was found, is in fact of the highest quality, allowing the final product to meet their strict guidelines. Testing for plasticizers, ensuring safety from cross contamination regarding allergens (gluten, dairy, etc.), and safeguarding against heavy metals exposure are a few of the steps taken to produce a product that Nutra Summa can stand behind. Many of these steps are not yet taken by a many companies on the market, yet with the example set by Nutra Summa, that is sure to change. This company is setting the standard for quality, safety, integrity and commitment to impacting the supplement industry in the most positive way possible, by always looking to raise the standard.

With the rising cost of health care; investing in one’s health by means of prevention, is why companies like Nutra Summa will be of interest to ALL consumers. Supplements are not just for the “fit” anymore, they are for everyone who wishes to improve and maintain their health and wellness, while prolonging the quality of their lives.

Feel healthy, feel strong, feel clear headed, feel calm. All are options with supplements by Nutra Summa. “Supplements you can FEEL!!”

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