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Whatever Floats Your Oats

Funny story….about 3 years ago when I began my bikini competing journey, oats was a go to staple for a breakfast option. Oats are higher  in carbs for fueling workouts, keeping you full longer, and not to mention the fiber. I quickly found that they bothered my stomach, working like a binding agent that left me bloated. Quite the opposite of what you want hitting the stage wanting to look lean. I even tried gluten free oats and they still left me with the same issue. So I eliminated them from my daily diet, but I was extremely confused as to why I was having this issue with the higher fiber content. You’re talking 22% of your daily intake of fiber (1/3C of dry oats) and I can’t stomach them?!

Here is what I discovered. Despite the high fiber intake, my fat intake was very low. Fats help with digestion and keep things moving along nicely. YAY for that discovery!

After finding my personal macronutrient needs, aka fat macros, I started using oats in all sorts of recipes for breakfast & baking; muffins, cookies, protein oats, pancakes and some of my other savory dishes. I’m excited to share some of these recipes in the near future so make sure to keep following!

Something that I strive for is balance in my food intake, protein, carbohydrates and fats. As I always say FOOD is FUEL!


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