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Tommy Baker – Ambassador Spotlight

Tommy Baker

Tommy is great at one thing. Sure you’re thinking, “Only one thing? Really?” We’re here to say, “Yes. Really.”

Tommy inspires, motivates, and creates powerful results with people’s physical bodies to act as a catalyst to improve all other areas of their life. (

We say, that’s one fantastic thing to be exceptionally great at. Tommy has this to say about this great talent, “See, I believe there is a presence and energy that comes with training and appreciating one’s body and mind that makes the world a better place. I say that when we’re in tune with our body and fitness, the rest of life becomes 10x (more everything) and you can truly become limitless.”

Chief Inspiration Officer of Resist Average Academy and owner/creator of Tommy Baker Fitness and Resist Average Academy, Tommy lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. His approach to fitness is quite simple: Being fit, looking great and having boundless energy is not a matter of giving up the things you love to do; it’s a matter of finding a program that fits around your lifestyle and works for you. His 4-step approach consists of: 1) 100% individualized, one-on-one, hand-crafted program tailored to you, 2) constant communication, motivation, checking in and coaching, 3) massive accountability and results, and 4) a unique coaching experience unlike any other.

Tommy’s program works because he works with his clients to get clear on their outcomes. He finds the “why” and works on the mindset of the client first, then everything else. Building a program from the ground up, based on lifestyle, schedule, and what his client is actually inspired to do is critical to a successful experience. As the program and the client relationship progresses, Tommy course corrects and tweaks as needed, all the while maximizing efficiency.

And sometimes Tommy’s program isn’t right for those looking to simply lose weight. With Tommy, it’s about the whole package. On his website,, he lists five ways for you to know if you’re the right fit for his coaching program:

  • You’re ready. You acknowledge it’s time and you are ready to do something about it. You acknowledge you are where you are today because of your past decisions and habits.
  • You’re honest. Coaching, especially online, requires maximum transparency.
  • You’re coachable. Tommy believes deeply in the power of coaching and believes his clients should to. If you think you know better, then you two won’t be a good fit.
  • You’re committed. Tommy’s program requires a minimum 12 week commitment. There’s a difference between “interested” and “committed”. Tommy only works with the latter.
  • You’re ready to invest. Tommy’s entire program is built upon giving you the best possible experience, but more importantly, achieving massive results. This doesn’t come cheap and slots are limited since he devotes so much time and energy to each and every client.

With Tommy, simplicity is key. Either you’re ready to get fit or you’re not. The motivation, inspiration, fitness, health, etc all come after the commitment. If you’re interested in changing every area of life, Tommy Baker is the man to work with.

To contact Tommy, head to any of his social media platforms or his personal websites:





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