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Tommy Baker – One-on-One

1×1 w/ Tommy Baker

Nutrasumma Ambassador and CIO of Resist Average Academy

We were lucky enough to sit down with the ever busy Tommy Baker this past week and we can’t wait to share what we learned! We asked fun questions and we asked difficult questions. We asked about fitness, nutrition, and inspiration. We asked how he stays balanced and what personal goals he’s currently working towards. Keep reading for the full interview! To learn more about Tommy and his fitness brand, podcast, etc. check out our earlier post here.



       1. What motivates you?

The largest motivator I have in life is to live up to my potential as a human being and knowing that I left it all out on the table.

Since I believe human potential is nearly limitless and we’re barely scratching the surface, every single a day is a chance to grow, expand and experience life through a new set of eyes and way of being.

That’s exactly what pumps me up every single day, regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten or if I’ve had a day full of challenges.


      2. What’s a 1-year goal you’re currently working towards? A 5-year goal?

I’m working on so many projects at one time but within 1 year from today, I’d like to expand my podcast to a place where I have built a brand that sells products and services to enhance the human experience around the Resist Average Academy message.

For 5 years, my goal is to write, speak and travel giving speeches around the country, own multiple businesses, continue to develop my amazing relationship and find a way to give back and mentor young entrepreneurs.


      3. How did your podcast come to life? Starting idea to where you are now.

I believe each and every one of us has a message to share with the world and I was looking for the right platform and time to share it.

With the podcast, it took one conversation with a friend who challenged me to get it started because I already had an online platform and knew I had strengths in communication, speaking and in front of mics or cameras.

However, it was easy to get overwhelmed and even though I am happy with the finished product, I had to get over the idea of perfect and simply get it out there — which was liberating in a sense.

We recently hit 50,000 downloads and I’ve had some unbelievable guests on the show that will continue to expand and provide my listeners tons of value.


      4. What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

I’m proud of my brick and mortar fitness facility that I built on the East Coast, starting with 3 clients and ending up with over 350, a staff of 12 people and an amazing community and vision that came to life.

While I ultimately ended up moving on, it was one of the greatest experiences I could have learned in terms of leadership, sacrifice, business, marketing, communication, the client experience and myself as a person.


      5. What are the words, or collection of words, you live by?

Joseph Campbell may be my most quotable person and I absolutely love this quote:

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Besides that, I love telling myself:
I can.

I will.

I am.

Every single day, because I have doubts like everyone else and using that as an affirmation keeps me grounded.


       6. What’s your nutrition like? Do you follow any one discipline? Have you ever tried a plant-based diet?

I’ve done everything in nutrition from Paleo to IIFYM and crazy re-feed diets but ultimately have found a balanced approach that works for me.

I believe we’re all individuals and a lot of stuff can work for each of us, but the principles of the diets remain pretty similar:

Wholesome, nourishing foods that come from the Earth, minimally processed, treating food as something special and honoring ourselves.

I haven’t tried a plant based diet for longer than a few days, yet I am open to any type of eating and definitely believe in it’s effectiveness.


       7. How do you find balance in what you do? Between your podcast, fitness clients, and loved ones, how do you stay on top of your game?

Instead of balance, I strive for integration which I learned from a few mentors. That means I work to include people I love into my work life and vice-versa, although as an entrepreneur that can get difficult.

My biggest asset is what I call creating space on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by using meditation, journaling, breathing practices, digital detoxes, walks, sensory deprivation and reflection periods that in essence, expand my time instead of constrict it.

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