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The Simple Why for Supplementation

People tend to ask, “If I eat healthy, why do I need to use supplements?” The man who formulates our products, Lyndon Olson, provided us with a quick and easy understanding as to why our health is better when we make the smart decision about supplementations. Not all supplements are the same and it’s important to know the difference between brands. Take the time to do the research and find the supplements that work best for your body; after reading the information below of course.

Just as there are degrees of illness, there are degrees of health, and we can’t attain the highest degree of health without optimum nutrition.  In turn, it would be very difficult in today’s world to obtain optimum nutrition without nutritional supplements, as even wise food choices often involve foods grown on nutrient-depleted soil. We’re also constantly exposed to environmental challenges — chemical, microbial, and electromagnetic — that nature never intended, and which can tax our nutritional reserves.  Additionally, given our busy schedules and many things to deal with in our lives, it’s not always easy to make a top priority of obtaining and consuming the healthiest foods on a consistent basis, or to avoid the stress that can also deplete us nutritionally.

Fortunately, a wide variety of nutritional supplements are available to us, and can be a major benefit in helping us progress from unhealthy to healthy, and from healthy to super-healthy.  However, as you might expect, within this wide variety of supplements, there is also a wide variety of quality, and of relevance to your particular nutritional needs.  At Nutrasumma, we strive to provide supplements with the highest-quality ingredients, put together to work with your body, not just on your body, to help it do what it does naturally — namely to optimize your health as well as it can, given what it has to work with.  We hope you’ll try our products, and discover that your body and Nutrasumma make a great team!



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