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Thank You Nutrasumma, Your Gluten-Free Supplements Changed My Life

I remember the day like it was yesterday, the phone call to my father, who is a doctor, stating that I had been sick for over a month with stomach issues. Mind you this was 18 years ago and I was in college where we all know what our favorite foods are. He mentioned to me that I should cut out bread and fried foods. I knew where he was going with this because both my grandfather and uncle have celiac disease. This was a lot to take in…what would I eat, where would I go for support and what options were out there? Nobody knew what it was, restaurants didn’t have any options and you couldn’t find food in the store to eat. I was sick for many years because it was impossible to cut it out and find foods that were not cross-contaminated. Then a few years later some bread products came out that tasted like rocks but I guess at least there were options. All I can say is it has been a long road but substantial improvements have been made in food, resources, support and of course supplements too.

Celiac disease effects approximately 1% of the population and is categorized as an immune reaction to eating gluten which is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Over time, this reaction produces inflammation that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents absorption of nutrients.

Not only did I find food to be a problem but I also noticed a sharp decline in my energy levels, ability to sleep, decreased cognitive function and just a decrease in my quality of life. Several years ago I found myself sick again with similar symptoms as 18 years ago but due to lack of being able to tolerate any kind of food this time it led to severe dehydration which in turn led to depression, anxiety, lack of self worth and so much more. Through various doctors, blood work and other tests I found out I had sensitivities to a ton of other foods that I was eating on a regular basis. This in turn caused me to completely change my diet again but even with a new diet I still had issues with fatigue in the gym, the need to take naps throughout the day, lack of muscle strength, poor sleeping habits, a messed up gut and frustration.

Then one day I was introduced to Nutrasumma and everything changed. They were curious about my diet, health and genuinely how they could improve my overall quality of life with their supplements. Several conversations went back and forth and they assured me their supplements were gluten, dairy and soy-free. They specifically told me that they wanted me to be happy with the supplements and that their number one concern was safety and compliance. This was huge for me and they even invited me down to their facility so I could learn more about how they test for gluten as well as what other safety precautions they take. Lets just say I was more than impressed with the operation and I couldn’t wait to see if their supplements could help me.

I started taking their Pea Protein (meal supplement), Summa Lean (energy), ZMA (sleep), Arginine Plus (energy), Amino Clear (muscle recovery), Digest Complex (digestive enzymes) and Glutamine Plus (to help with my gut healing). Within two weeks I had energy in the gym again, I was sleeping better, my mental clarity was much improved, I didn’t need to take naps and finally I wasn’t yawning all day long. I realize that a change in my diet was huge but I also 100% believe that Nutrasumma’s supplements changed my life and for that I’m thankful for them and their commitment to safety and compliance.

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