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Ignite Your Body’s Fat-Burning Ability

  Why Weight Loss Gets So Much Harder With Age When you were young, you could probably eat whatever you wanted without having to worry about your weight. Now, every pound is a struggle. What changed? Lots of things --- including your levels of DHEA. Produced by...

Overcome Your Body’s Resistance to Weight Management

  Summa Lean Benefits Helps mobilize stored fat so it can be used as fuel* Raises the rate at which you burn calories* Helps you feel full longer* Promotes healthy thyroid function* Counteracts the metabolic toll of dieting* The Metabolic Toll Of Dieting Shedding extra pounds is one of the best things you...

Why Summa Lean?

  Do you struggle with fatigue, excessive yawning or typically feel the urge to take a nap everyday? Do these ultimately affect your concentration at work, ability to get simple tasks done throughout the day or ruin your workouts? Have you struggled with difficulty in losing...


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