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Vegetarian Professional Athletes

Professional athletes demand a lot from their body. Practices, meetings, traveling, internal and external stress, injuries, and of course game days. Their bodies and minds must function at an extremely high level throughout the entire season. If their body or mind fails to perform, they...

Cowspiracy – How will you make a change?

On September 15th, Netflix released to their subscribers a, in my opinion, fantastic documentary executive produced by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. This full-length documentary titled Cowspiracy explores “the most destructive industry facing the planet today and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are...

Are You Getting Enough Protein From Diet Alone?

  Pea Protein is considered to be the highest-quality protein for vegetarians and vegans but it has so many more benefits. Let's face it, you can eliminate animal products from your diet, but you can't eliminate your body's need for protein. In fact, you need between...


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