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Why Wednesday? – Carb Transfer

Often times, people focus only on the things they see on the surface, and sometimes don’t consider or understand the hidden pieces of the puzzle. We see people eating healthy food, working out, staying hydrated, meditating, and many of us think how does this person...

Recover During Your Workout, Not After

If you frequent the gym setting you've probably heard, "I need to find something to help me recover from my workouts." There are definitely products that can help you do that but wouldn't it be great if there was one that would help you recover...

Meet The Energy Demands of Your Heart, Brain and Liver

A Healthier Way To Get Your Carnitine Carnitine is an amino acid derivative that turns fat into energy. * Red meat is the richest food source of this compound. However, you'd have to eat more than seven hamburgers to get the amount of carnitine -- 600mg....

Why Summa Lean?

  Do you struggle with fatigue, excessive yawning or typically feel the urge to take a nap everyday? Do these ultimately affect your concentration at work, ability to get simple tasks done throughout the day or ruin your workouts? Have you struggled with difficulty in losing...


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