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Support For Your Muscles and Immune System

Are You At Risk Of Glutamine Deficiency?

Glutamine is an amino acid your tissues use as fuel. * It’s the most plentiful amino acid in skeletal muscle. Your body can manufacture glutamine, but certain factors — including heavy exercise — can deplete your stores. If you exercise a lot, your body’s demand for glutamine may outpace its supply and weaken your immune resistance, making supplementation a good idea.

Benefits of Nutrasumma’s Glutamine Plus

  • Maintains skeletal muscle size *
  • Prevents muscle breakdown *
  • Increases muscle glycogen stores *
  • Supports immune system function *
  • May help athletes recover from overtraining *

How Glutamine Works

Glutamine helps regulate protein levels in your muscles. * Animal studies have shown supplemental glutamine both increases protein synthesis and prevents protein breakdown. * That’s important, since muscles are made of protein! Glutamine also strengthens your immune resistance — even when you’ve overtrained. * While most glutamine supplements provide just 500mg of glutamine per serving, the dosage used in studies start at 3,000mg. Nutrasumma Glutamine Plus provides a healthy 5,000 mg per serving.

Why Nutrasumma Glutamine?

Support: Ingredients that complement glutamine’s actions, such as colostrum. The pre-milk that cows make right after giving births, colostrum is loaded with immune factors. * Human research has shown that colostrum strengthens immune resistance. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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