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Should I Be Taking A Probiotic?

This simple answer to this question is yes! There are more bacteria in your intestinal tract than there are cells in your whole body. Some of these are good bacteria, which perform many crucial functions for us. It’s very important for our overall health to have these good bacteria in abundance, but a variety of factors sometimes creates a bacterial imbalance that contributes to many health problems.

Nutrasumma Probiotic is designed to optimize the level of good bacteria in our bodies in several ways. First, we provide an exceptionally high quantity of these beneficial bacteria – 20 billion per serving. We also use special strains of probiotics which are antibiotic-resistant, providing further protection not found in even the most potent of conventional acidophilus products. We include 15 additional varieties of beneficial flora with proven benefits for the small and large intestine. And we put all these in an alkalizing phytonutrient base to help protect them from stomach acids.

Benefits of Probiotics:

  • Benefit gastrointestinal health *
  • Improve immune system function *
  • Help assimilate nutrients from foods *
  • Combat yeast infections *
  • Aid in detoxification *
  • Minimize some skin disorders *

With so many challenges to your immune system and your overall health, it makes sense to use a high-quality probiotic to help your body do its best to help you. Let Nutrasumma Probiotic give you the support to be at your best!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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