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Recipe Tag: protein

Green Machine Super Smoothie


With the New Year in full swing many people are talking about changes they want to make; exercise more, portion control and eat healthier. Smoothies are one of the most easy and quick fueling go to meals you can make. They're filling and fuel the body with a balance of macronutrients! 

By Redd


Redd’s recipe renovation is in full swing on this cookie recipe!

I substituted eggs for flaxegg then butter for coconut oil and applesauce! 


These cookies are sweet and soft with a touch of buttery goodness!

By Redd

Protein Packed Thin Mints

Do you remember growing up as a kid and always ordering Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts? It's definitely one of the more popular cookies out there and we have a great recipe to share with you on how to make gluten, dairy and soy-free protein packed thin mints.

By Nutrasumma

Gluten and Nut-Free Ab Truffles

Try this Nutrasumma favorite!

By Nutrasumma

3 Ingredient Banana Pudding

If you're looking for a quick high energy snack that can be made in 2 minutes, then you're in luck!


By Nutrasumma

Chocolate Avocado “Mousse”

Great as breakfast, a snack or dessert, this treat will keep you satisfied. Consistency and sweetness are key, add-in your low-calorie sweetener of choice until you get it just right. Makes 2 servings

By Nutrasumma

Protein-Packed Classic “Hummus”

Hummus is considered to be a thick paste that is great for dipping, made originally in the Middle East. So why not enjoy this classic dish with your favorite veggies, pitas and get a nice serving of protein too. We think you're going to love this recipe.

By Nutrasumma

Double Chocolate Protein-Packed Cookie Dough Bites

These double chocolate cookie dough bites are perfect for breakfast, midday, between meals and for dessert. It's a simple no bake fool proof recipe that is gluten, soy, dairy, flour less and nut free!!

By Nutrasumma

Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Gluten, Dairy and Soy-Free Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies.



By Nutrasumma

Apple Pie Chai Smoothie

Community Submitted-

My favorite way to curb cravings!

By Nutrasumma


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