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Recipe Tag: chocolate


A yummy holiday dessert that is a healthy alternative to the coffee shop brownies you’ll find in the pastry cases. 


Last week we learned that flaxseed meal can be used as an egg substitute. Here is a perfect example that going plant powered can be delicious and easy!


By Redd

Protein Packed Thin Mints

Do you remember growing up as a kid and always ordering Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts? It's definitely one of the more popular cookies out there and we have a great recipe to share with you on how to make gluten, dairy and soy-free protein packed thin mints.

By Nutrasumma

Chocolate Avocado “Mousse”

Great as breakfast, a snack or dessert, this treat will keep you satisfied. Consistency and sweetness are key, add-in your low-calorie sweetener of choice until you get it just right. Makes 2 servings

By Nutrasumma

Double Chocolate Protein-Packed Cookie Dough Bites

These double chocolate cookie dough bites are perfect for breakfast, midday, between meals and for dessert. It's a simple no bake fool proof recipe that is gluten, soy, dairy, flour less and nut free!!

By Nutrasumma

Protein Packed Fudgesicles

It's hot out, so who wouldn't want to cool down with this refreshing treat?

Our latest Nutrasumma recipe: Low sugar, protein packed fudgesicles!!

By Nutrasumma

Peppermint Patties

Nutrasumma Ambassador Lynee Palacios delivers another hit!


By Nutrasumma


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