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Cuisine: Dinner

Protein-Packed Classic “Hummus”

Hummus is considered to be a thick paste that is great for dipping, made originally in the Middle East. So why not enjoy this classic dish with your favorite veggies, pitas and get a nice serving of protein too. We think you're going to love this recipe.

By Nutrasumma

Shepherd’s Pie

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes:
Antioxidant support (50% of your DV for Vitamin C)
Loaded w/Vitamin A
Anti-inflammatory benefits
Improves blood sugar regulation
High in B vitamins, potassium, & fiber

Benefits of Green Beans:
High in Vitamin K
High in essential minerals
High in fiber
High in B vitamins
5% protein

Benefits of Lean Ground Beef:
High in protein
High in Alpha Lipoeic Acid (an antioxidant in the body that helps turn glucose into energy)
High in B vitamins
High in Zinc and Iron

By Nutrasumma


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