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How XOS Prebiotic Works

Important for your
immune system & more

Nutrasumma addresses this important health concern with XOS Prebiotic, a supplement of pure XOS – xylooligosaccharides – sugar oligomers made up of xylose units which naturally occur in some fruits and vegetables.

XOS is an effective and well-researched natural prebiotic which has been demonstrated to feed beneficial bacteria efficiently even using relatively low amounts, making it a preferred form of prebiotic among health professionals.

Why Nutrasumma
XOS Prebiotic Works?

Feeds beneficial bacteria effectively even using small amounts*

Helps optimize intestinal and immune health*

Supports healthy blood sugar and blood lipid levels*

Mixes easily in water and tastes great


Nutrasumma XOS Prebiotic

XOS Prebiotic

There are more bacteria than cells in the human body, and our beneficial bacteria – probiotics – thrive and reproduce when supplied with prebiotics, which naturally occur in some foods, and serve to feed these beneficial bacteria directly. In turn, these beneficial bacteria support optimal intestinal function, immune health, and efficient absorption of nutrients from our meals.**

However, many nutritionists believe that the average modern diet contains far less than an optimal amount of these prebiotics, just as it provides less than the recommended amount of daily fiber. This can result in our important beneficial bacteria being under-nourished as they work to maintain our health.**

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