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How Vitamin D3 Works

Vitamin D is in charge of over 50 genes in the human body. It increases the absorption of calcium, which is why it’s essential for bone strength and it can boost or suppress the immune response, depending on what is needed at the time.*

Why Nutrasumma
Vitamin D3 Works?

Convenience: This convenient spray features 1000IU of Vitamin D3. Spray directly in the mouth (and swallow) for quick effectiveness.


Nutrasumma Vitamin D3 Spray

Vitamin D3 Spray

According to a recent study, 77 percent of Americans have insufficient blood levels of vitamin D. That’s alarming, because vitamin D is critical for bone health and immune function.* The problem is, very few foods naturally supply vitamin D.

In order to get 1,000 IU per day — the amount increasingly recommended by researchers — you’d have to eat nearly 11 cans of tuna fish every day. The other alternative is sun exposure, which puts you at risk for skin cancer.

Fortunately, Nutrasumma Vitamin D delivers 1,000 IU of this essential vitamin in one great-tasting spray.




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Weight 1.0 oz
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Vitamin D3, Kids Vitamin D3

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D3 Spray Supplement Facts
Nutrasumma Vitamin D3 Spray Supplement Facts

D3 Spray Kids Supplement Facts
Nutrasumma Vitamin D3 Spray Kids Supplement Facts



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