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How Probiotic Complex Works

Because probiotics support bacterial balance, they improve your gastrointestinal health.* Probiotics also help break down food for maximum nutrient absorption, and they support a strong immune system.* Amazingly, hundreds of different strains of bacteria reside in the human body. Yet common probiotics frequently provide just one (usually acidophilus).

Why Nutrasumma
Probiotic Complex Works?

Nutrasumma Probiotic Complex delivers 15 unique strains shown to be beneficial for your digestive and immune systems. Adding fermented organic Quinoa Sprouts and XOS, a prebiotic, provides the best results from our probiotic blend.


Nutrasumma Coenzyme Q10 Plus

Probiotic Complex 60 Capsules

Microorganisms often get blamed for illness and infection. Yet certain types of bacteria that call your body home actually safeguard your health. Their ranks dwindle, however, when harmful bacteria multiply unchecked. That’s why many people look to probiotics — dietary or supplemental sources of good bacteria. But if you think yogurt is the best source of probiotics, think again. You’d have to eat 20 servings of yogurt each day to get the 20 billion live, active bacteria in just two Nutrasumma Probiotic Complex capsules.

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