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How IGG Colostrum Works

First Milking Colostrum Powder is a proprietary extract of the earliest milk a cow produces for her calf. Chock full of growth and immune factors, it helps your body use glucose more efficiently, which keeps your energy levels up. It increases your exercise capacity, helping you workout harder. It amps up protein synthesis so you can build lean muscle. And it contains immune factors that help combat immune suppression — so you don’t miss a workout.*

Why Nutrasumma
IGG Colostrum Works?

Low heat and low pressure processing preserves maximum bioactivity, with a minimum 15% immunoglobulins. Over 200 beneficial components including growth and immune factors (PRPs). BST-free: From cows not treated with rBST.


Nutrasumma Colostrum Powder IGG

IGG Colostrum

The PRP’s in Colostrum function as messengers that balance the immune system and supports the body’s ability to optimize immune response. Increases exercise capacity and recovery.*

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Nutrasumma Colostrum Powder IGG Supplement Facts



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