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How Growth Works

Hormone Complex: Ingredients that support healthy levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, including tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, longjack, and mucuna pruriens.*

Energy Complex: Herbs that fight exhaustion through their adaptogenic properties, such as rhaponticum, maca, and ashwagandha. Rhaponticum has been shown to improve endurance, speed and recovery in trained athletes.*

Why Nutrasumma
Growth Works?

Nitric Oxide Complex: Ingredients such as arginine and ornithine AKG may increase the production of nitric oxide, a chemical compound that helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing greater blood flow to the muscles.*

Adrenal Recovery Complex: Ingredients including L-theanine and cordyceps have a relaxing, rejuvenative effect that may fight adrenal fatigue.*


Nutrasumma Growth

Growth 120 Capsules

Hormones do more than fuel your sex drive. Both testosterone and human growth hormone increase muscle strength and mass – and reduce body fat. Unfortunately, hormone levels steadily decline with age. Nutrasumma Growth is formulated to support healthy levels of hormones.*

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