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How Glucosamine Complex Works

Why Your Joints Hurt?

If you think of joint cartilage as a brick wall, glucosamine is the clay used to make the bricks, proteoglycans are the bricks themselves, and collagen is the mortar holding the bricks in place. As you age, the bricks start to fall apart. Glucosamine provides the clay needed to repair existing bricks and possibly make new bricks.*

Why Nutrasumma
Glucosamine Complex Works?

Glucosamine Complex combines ingredients that support the action of glucosamine, by helping manufacture collagen, connective tissue, and cartilage – such as chondroitin sulfate, manganese, and bamboo leaf – with aloe vera and protease for joint comfort. Alkaline ingredients – cherry juice and bladderwrack – are added to help neutralize acidic waste.*


Nutrasumma Glucosamine Complex

Glucosamine Complex

Glucosamine is an amino sugar naturally manufactured by your body. It’s used to make proteoglycans, which are used to make the cartilage cushioning your joints. When you age, your cartilage tends to wear down, and your ability to manufacture glucosamine declines. As a result, your joints may rub against each other, causing discomfort.

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