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How Digest Complex Works

Like people use knives to cut up their food, Nutra Summa’s Digest Complex contains enzymes that help your digestive system breakdown food into more usable forms. These enzymes break down fat, protein, and carbohydrates so you can get the most pleasure from your meals without getting more gas and indigestion.*

Why Nutrasumma
Digest Complex Works?

Garner more benefits with less bloating or abdominal discomfort by using Nutrasumma’s broad spectrum enzyme formula. Multiple enzymes allow for optimal digestion of the most gas-creating foods such as complex carbohydrates and dairy foods. Enzymes unlock valuable nutrients that are otherwise unavailable to your body.*


Nutrasumma Digest Complex

Digest Complex 90 Capsules

Getting used to more complex carbs, dairy foods, or less familiar ingredients may mean occasional bloating, heartburn, and gas. Some assistance can come by way of digestive enzymes which help fats, proteins, and carbohydrates get along better with your digestive system.*

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