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How Coenzyme B12 Spray Works

Coenzyme B12 fights fatigue by converting fats and proteins into energy and ensuring your blood cells have enough oxygen. Unfortunately, many factors — including compromised intestinal health and antacid use — block B12 absorption. While most B12 supplements include a form of the vitamin your body has to convert before it can use, Nutrasumma® B12 saves your body a step, by including the coenzyme forms of B12: dibencozide and methylcobalamin.*

Why Nutrasumma
Coenzyme B12 Spray Works?

This convenient spray form of Coenzyme B12 is easy to swallow without water and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste. Nutrasumma offers two co-enzyme forms (methylcobalamin and dibencozide) with cyanocobalamin. This approach helps the body close the vitamin gap when stomach acids are low and unable to release Vitamin B12 from food.*


Nutrasumma Coenzyme B-12 Plus

Coenzyme B12 Spray 1 fl oz (29.5 ml)

Coenzyme B12 is critical for energy production. However, the only natural source is from animal-based foods, such as red meat. If you’re cutting back on meat for health reasons, you may unknowingly trigger another health problem: B12 deficiency! Conveniently, just one spray of Nutrasumma® B12 packs more vitamin content than 104 three-oz servings of beef — without the calories, fat, or cholesterol.

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