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How Whey Protein Works in the Body

Tissue Repair: Resistance training creates microscopic muscle tears. The body breaks down whey protein into its constituent amino acids and then uses them to make new muscle proteins.*

Muscle Building: Whey protein is particularly good at building muscle, because it contains a high amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which have been shown to promote muscle protein synthesis.*

Gut Health: The health of the gut depends on maintaining a healthy predominance of good vs. bad bacteria. XOS has been shown to increase beneficial Bifidobacteria, thus supporting gut health.*

Immune Function: About 70 percent of immune cells are located in the gut. By enhancing the composition of the gut microbiota, XOS supports a healthy immune system.*

Metabolism: XOS helps these beneficial bacteria perform many functions, including optimizing nutrient absorption from our food, and enhancing gut peptides and short chain fatty acids for metabolic efficiency and intestinal health.

Why Nutrasumma
Whey Protein Works?

The first product available to combine whey protein with XOS

Features whey protein from safe, hormone free…rBST-free sustainable American dairy farms‡

Gently processed at low temperatures to prevent protein structures from becoming denatured

Supported by scientific literature; non-GMO, and free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners

‡ FDA has determined there is no difference in milk derived from cows treated with or without rBST(rBGH).

A high-protein diet has many advantages, as protein is essential for tissue repair and lean muscle growth. In fact, many active adults may need more protein than a typical diet provides.** However, modern diets in general, and high-protein foods in particular, do not contain an optimal amount of prebiotics – special types of fiber found in some plant foods, which feed beneficial bacteria in the gut and help them to thrive.

There are more bacteria than cells in our bodies, and modern science is confirming the importance of maximizing the good strains and minimizing the bad ones, and that prebiotics play an important role in this process. But people on high-protein diets may be consuming even fewer prebiotics than average, posing more of a challenge to maintaining optimal bacterial flora.

Nutrasumma addresses this important yet often-neglected health issue by offering all the proven benefits of high-quality whey protein in combination with XOS, a unique and clinically tested prebiotic fiber.

XOS was recently shown to increase beneficial Bifidobacteria populations by 20 percent in a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study conducted at UCLA.**


Nutrasumma Whey Protein Plus XOS Prebiotic

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