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The Pizza Waffle Experiment

You can make anything out of a waffle! I would actually eat this on a daily basis. Gluten free, dairy-free, high in fiber. I find that I feel better without cheese, although it tastes amazing. I would eat pizza every day if it didn’t make me feel like I was having a food baby. Well guess what...This leaves you feeling great. Like the opposite of regret great.

By Jason Sani

Protein Pancakes

Start off your morning with protein-rich pancakes to boost your level of energy and alertness!

By Katie Lanfranki

Protein Hummus

Hummus is low in fat and high in fiber, antioxidants and protein. It makes for a great tasting, healthy snack!

By Katie Lanfranki

Banana Bread Cookie Dough and Easy Gluten-Free Protein Cookies

  • Vegan, no bake, fruit sweetened, gluten free, Paleo friendly
  • Packed with MCT's, glucose, minerals, fiber & protein

By Chef Tigre

Turkey Protein Packed Lettuce Wraps


This Turkey Protein Packed Lettuce Wraps recipe includes real protein in addition to a coating of Pea Protein for a full PROTEIN PACKED MEAL! 

By Katie Lanfranki

Green Machine Super Smoothie


With the New Year in full swing many people are talking about changes they want to make; exercise more, portion control and eat healthier. Smoothies are one of the most easy and quick fueling go to meals you can make. They're filling and fuel the body with a balance of macronutrients! 

By Redd

Tropical Green Smoothie

Looking out my window and nothing is melted yet!

Enjoying my time indoors with this tropical baobab green smoothie.

By Nutrasumma


A yummy holiday dessert that is a healthy alternative to the coffee shop brownies you’ll find in the pastry cases. 


Last week we learned that flaxseed meal can be used as an egg substitute. Here is a perfect example that going plant powered can be delicious and easy!


By Redd


Storing Flax Seeds or Meal: 

Refrigerate or freeze in an airtight container. This keeps the nutrients intact.

What can I use it in?

 It works as a binding agent, so anything that requires an egg. Or add a tablespoon of flaxseed meal to a smoothie, top yogurt, oatmeal, rice dishes. It adds a “nutty” flavor.

Seeds vs Meal? 


Seeds pass right through our bodies, not allowing us to absorb all the benefits it has to offer. High in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids are just a two of the many benefits.

By Redd


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