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I Love Carbs and Don’t Want To Give Them Up. Is There Anything To Help?


When talking about nutrition, there are a ton of opinions about carbohydrates. Some nutrition experts state that many of the most nutritious foods including whole grains and fresh fruits are loaded in carbohydrates but our bodies can use them as good carbs in a sense. Whereas, others feel strongly that a diet high in carbohydrates can contribute to diabetes, obesity and a host of other health problems.

The debate between pro-carb and anti-carb can go on and on and on but one thing is for certain, both sides should agree that it’s preferable to choose carbohydrate-containing foods wisely. Everyone should be careful not to overeat them but if it’s hard for you to live without them then we have the answer for you.

We will always stress to everyone that exercising regularly and eating an adequate amount of fiber is a great place to start. Another great option is to take our Carb Transfer supplement, which is a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to help our bodies handle carbohydrates as efficiently as nature intended. Sounds interesting right?

Carb Transfer assists your body in multiple ways to make the best use of the carbohydrates you eat, whether these are simple or complex carbs.  A key ingredient is garcinia cambogia, an Asian fruit extract that helps the body store carbohydrates as glycogen, a quick “energy bank” known to many athletes, rather than spiking our blood sugar or converting these carbs to fat. Many consumers have experienced healthful weight loss taking garcinia cambogia alone, but Carb Transfer combines this natural wonder with several other supporting ingredients which enhance its benefits.

Carb Transfer also includes extracts of African mango, white kidney bean and green tea, all known for their ability to help the body regulate carbohydrate uptake in the bloodstream.  In addition, it contains natural soluble fibers, such as pectin, seaweed, and konjac root, which minimize carbohydrate-driven spikes in blood sugar (in addition to other benefits).  And we include well-assimilated forms of chromium and vanadium, two trace minerals respected for their blood sugar balancing benefits.

No supplement is a perfect substitute for eating wisely, of course, but Carb Transfer can help your body make the best use of the carbs you consume, supporting optimal energy levels, blood sugar, and control of weight and appetite.  Whether you”re a big carb-eater or not, we feel strongly that you”ll notice the benefits.

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