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Fit Couple of the Month – Fat Tony & Darlene

So something new we’re trying on for size in 2016, is featuring a new healthy, fit couple living the Nutrasumma lifestyle each month in our newsletter. This month we’re introducing you to Fat Tony and Darlene. They hail from Long Beach, CA and have been ambassadors of ours for almost a year now. Both are vegan athletes, Tony an avid CrossFitter and Darlene a lover of all things fitness who has been joining Tony at CrossFit since the start of 2016. Not only does this fit couple workout together, they also split all duties in the kitchen! Now that’s the true definition of teamwork. Read below for more about these two fabulous people.



Questions for Fat:

Favorite vegan restaurant for date nights?

We don’t eat out a ton, but when we do I love to try out new vegan restaurants—especially places that have a really creative menu. I actually find that raw restaurants usually have the most unique dishes that I would never dream up on my own. Plus, I never feel guilty when I order like ten things from a raw vegan restaurant, haha.

Work out together or separate?

For a while we did our own separate thing, but since the start of 2016 we’ve been training at a CrossFit gym together and it’s been an absolute blast! It’s just one more thing we have in common so we can talk about the workouts before and after we do them. I don’t think a couple has to work out together to have a strong relationship, but it’s definitely fun for us. I’ve been doing CrossFit longer than she has, so she looks to me to help her out with some things and to push her harder, and knowing that she is looking at me in the gym pushes me harder too—both literally because I want to look good for her, but also figuratively because if she feels like I’m her example, then I need to set a good one.

Advice for keeping a relationship fun?

I’d say make it a point to get out and do different things. We “schedule” a date with our phones turned off once a week. Every Saturday at 6:00pm we put the phones on airplane mode and spend quality time together. We are both self employed which means we are used to scheduling out what we have to do on a daily or weekly basis, so why not schedule in quality time for ourselves too? Sometimes our dates are as simple as a bike ride to the harbor near where we live in Downtown Long Beach, other times we try out a new recipe and cook at home or hit up a restaurant, and then one of those Saturdays per month we are trying to make it a point to do a double date with another couple.

What does your healthy lifestyle do for your relationship?

It’s a big part of the foundation of our relationship and gives us a lot of common ground to build on. Our lifestyles were already similar before we met so being healthy and active has just allowed us to navigate through life together instead of individually. When you have someone to do things with all the time there’s no way you can be lonely or bored. It also helps hold us accountable to our health goals and makes it a lot easier when planning out meal preps, cooking, or bringing food with us to different places.

Who is a better cook?

That’s a loaded question! Haha. I think overall I am, but don’t tell her I said that. We both cook with different styles though and we are both pretty good at what we do, but she’s definitely much better at breaking down the macros of our meals and getting really specific with what we put into our bodies so we can hit specific goals. She’s been doing that kind of stuff for her personal training and online clients for years, so that’s a benefit that’s built into the relationship now, haha. She’s also super good at coming up with really cool, clean desserts to help satisfy our ridiculous cravings for sweets, haha.

Questions for Darlene:

How’d you meet?

Funny story how we met…it was through a dating app called “Bumble,” haha. I was against dating apps, but later I was at a point where I was willing to to give it a try. I first tried Tinder, but after two days I told my roommate I was done with it and thought the guys were justing looking to hook up. He told me about Bumble and how it’s like Tinder, but if it’s a match the girl has 24 hours to start a conversation or the match will vanish. I decided to give it a try for a day. Later that day I came across Fat and we were a match. I didn’t start the conversation just yet. The following day Bumble gave me a warning that I had 8 hours to respond so I decided to say “Hello,” but autocorrect ended up spelling “Help.” From there we hit it off… He was a vegan, a yorkie owner, an athlete, and an entrepreneur, and the rest is history. He was the one.

Best part about dating someone who is also vegan?

I can’t express how amazing it is. I didn’t think it was possible to find someone that was a vegan, but more important a healthy vegan. Don’t get me wrong, we do love desserts, but finding that balance is priceless. The biggest plus is I don’t have to deal with “What can you eat?”,  “One bite won’t hurt.”, “Can you eat this?”,  “You are so difficult.”,  “You can’t eat fish?”, etc… The list goes on. We both love food, we share our meals, and we can eat each others’ left overs, even though it’s usually me eating anything left over, haha.

Do you cook together?

Yes, we are a team! We have a great system. Every week I write out our meal plan. We discuss what we want to eat for that week and what we are craving or missing, from there I plug it in on the “My Fitness Pal” app and figure out our macros to make sure it works towards our goals. Our goals are to be healthy, get lean, look fit, but also making sure we have enough energy for our workout performance. We don’t want to feel like we are on a diet. Our meal plan is based on our lifestyle, and making sure we are looking forward for each meal.  Once we figure out the plan for the week, we spend two to three hours in the kitchen prepping and cooking. We have a routine down for our tasks. He does one thing, I do the other thing, we measure everything, etc. It’s actually pretty fun compared to if either one of us was doing it alone.

Favorite cheat meal together?

That is a hard one, but to be honest we like making our own cheat meals. We make a lot of protein waffles, cookies, muffins, brownies, and donuts out of Nutrasumma pea protein. Instead of eating empty calories of sweets, we are eating a lot of nutrition benefits. The pea protein is an amazing baking tool. If you ever need some ideas go to my Instagram account for recipes @Darlicious_Vegan. With that said, if we really feel like being bad we will go to Donuttery and get some fresh vegan donuts.

Do you two bring food with you when you go places?

If we don’t have dinner plans at a restaurant, then yes we bring our foods. It’s not because it’s hard to get vegan meals, but more because we want to stay on our plan, eat healthy, and save money.  We both love to eat every 2.5-3 hours, so it’s convenient. I have a 6 Pack Bag ( that we pack meals in for the day. It’s so convenient for traveling and keeps our meals cold or fresh. If you need some tips on how to vegan meal prep or what vegans eat for protein, check out my blog post on the 6 Pack Bag site.

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