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U.S. China Clinical Nutrition Summit at UCLA

Summit at UCLA

U.S. China Clinical Nutrition Summit at UCLA




National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists
University of California, Los Angeles UCLA
The world association of Chinese doctors in clinical nutrition.




Baheal Nutrition


2017 UCLA Nutrition Summit Summary


Written by Kenny Deng

Translated by Brian Wang

Clinical Nutrition, the Future of Medicine, The 2017 U.S – China Clinical Nutrition Summit held in UCLA.

             The U.S – China Clinical Nutrition Summit, jointly organized by the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists, the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and the World Association of Chinese Doctors, was successfully concluded at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center on July 6th, 2017. Nearly 20 top clinical experts from major hospitals in China joined the summit together with American nutrition physicians.

In his speech, Consul Lu Xianzhi said that the U.S – China Clinical Nutrition Summit is significantly high-end, which will bring major help for the recovery of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, as well as the rehabilitation of patients with tumors and major surgery.

Professor David Heber, one of the founders of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and the author of the first Nutritional Oncology, Nutritional Oncology, gave a lecture on “Global Nutritional Change: Individualized Nutritional Therapy is Essential”. He emphasized the importance of Clinical Nutrition and development trends, and asserted that Clinical Nutrition is the future of medicine (Clinical Nutrition is the Future Medicine). He believes that the composition of the body can reflects the health of the body more than the body weight. Body composition is closely related to nutrition and exercise, and high protein and fiber diet in most of the time can provide enough energy to better control the weight and to ensure the rationality of body composition.

Professor Shi Hanping pointed out that there are 260 million patients with chronic disease in China, clinical nutrition is the fundamental solution in terms of solving chronic disease. The US medical institutions, such as the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, have made outstanding contributions to chronic disease management and treatment, particularly in the field of cancer nutrition, and are worth learning for Chinese doctors.

Through this summit, Chinese and American experts exchanged ideas on the importance and necessity of Clinical Nutrition from different perspectives. Clinical nutrition not only provides comprehensive support for patient rehabilitation, for many chronic diseases, nutrition therapy is first-line treatment, but also prevention, management and reversal of the most effective means.

Notable speakers:

  • Xianzhi Lu, Consul, Head of Science & Technology Office from The Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China in Los Angles,
  • Michael Rothkopf, President of National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists, Vice President of UCLA Public Health Department
  • Chairman of the Summit, Director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, Chairman of the World Chinese Association of Clinical Nutrition Physicians, Professor Li Zhaoping,
  • Prospective President of Chinese Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Congress, Professor Shi Hanping,
Location: UCLA, CA
Date: Unknown
Duration: Unknown

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