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SoCal Super and Sprint Weekend 2017

Spartan Socal Super

Test your grit against the newest course in Southern California

Spartan Socal Super


For the first time ever, Spartans are invited to idyllic Lake Elsinore to test their grit against the newest course in Southern California. A haven both for extreme athletes and for those who just need some quality time with a scenic landscape, Lake Elsinore is the perfect place for Spartans to rev, race and relax. TOP REASONS TO TAKE ON THIS COURSE: 1. Lake Elsinore is perfect. Yes, literally perfect. The only thing better than this venue’s blue sky, clean air, world-famous thermal winds and 3,300-acre recreational park is the fact that it’s all set against the stunning Ortega mountains. Perfect for camping. Perfect for outdoor sports. Perfect for you. 2. Did we mention outdoor sports? Extreme sports such as skydiving, hang-gliding and mountain biking are the norm at Lake Elsinore. And if a Spartan Race is thrilling enough for you, you can enjoy boating, fishing, sunbathing, picnicking or playing on the beach. 3. Family fun courtesy of the Storm. That’s the Lake Elsinore Storm, to be exact. Bring the whole family, take in a game, catch a fly ball and take home a new story.


Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
Date: Unknown
Duration: Unknown

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