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Brendon Charles’s Holiday Top 3

In December’s email newsletter, we asked three of our brand ambassadors to share their top 3 things from this time of year. Brendon chose to share with us his top 3 Holiday Traditions.

Holiday time for Brendon looks a little like this:


  • Winter!!! Being from Boston, Brendon is usually piled in snow throughout the holiday months. Luckily, he’s still a kid at heart so uses all the winter days and many many snow days to his full advantage. Snowmen, snowmobiling, and neighborhood snowball fights fill his winter days.


  • Music!! A sucker for throwback Elvis Presley Christmas music mixed in with a little Dean Martin. The sounds of these two classic men put Brendon in a great mood and provide vivid flashbacks of memories from Christmases past.


  • High School Wrestling! Brendon has been a wrestler his whole life. Now he’s taken his skills to the coaching side of things. His best wrestling memory is the annual “Lowell Holiday” wrestling tournament that happens each year in a city two cities over from his hometown. Schools and wrestlers from all over New England flock to wrestle in this tournament resulting in some of the best matches of the year happening during this tournament. It also gave a great preview of the upcoming season.


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