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Athlete and Father’s Steps Toward Better Health

This is an old joke of mine, regarding my previous understanding of nutrition, relative to eating “healthy” … “I eat pretty clean whenever I eat fast food, it’s rare for me to order anything fried, and I almost ALWAYS order the chicken sandwich with light mayo!!” I was also consuming about a gallon of whole milk every other day. .. So to say that my understanding of eating right, was off slightly may be an understatement.

Of course, things have changed for me over the past few years, and I have learned a few more accurate lessons along the way. My intent, as I continue to learn about health and nutrition, is to make this a continuous journey towards understanding this puzzle of best serving my body and overall health. When I was first introduced to Nutra Summa products, I was not at all interested in a plant-based protein such as Pea Protein. I had little to no REAL understanding of the benefits of antioxidants, the dangers of inflammation, or the exciting value of fruits and vegetables. But as stated above, things continue to change not only for me, but for the general public as well.

I have been an athlete to some degree for a great portion of my life, a rescue swimmer in the U.S. Navy, a Mixed Martial Artist, and now a father which is one of the most athletically demanding jobs I could have imagined. I hope and expect the demands of this latest game to increase, and my ability to meet those demands improves as well. While my goals may seem to be shifting from “athletic performance” to keeping up with my daughter’s athletics, the theme remains the same: optimal health.

One of the greatest threats to American men and women; in my opinion, is our understanding of diet and nutrition. My former understanding (as implied above), is probably not far off from the current norm but I hope, and believe this is changing. While monitoring one’s diet is a job in itself, I hope to shed some light on some of the supplements that have helped me the most in my overall health, and how they may help you.

Below I will give a brief description of some of the Nutra Summa nutritional aids I currently use, and why I use them.

Multi-Stress: a fantastic Multi vitamin that serves a number of purposes, and I find quite valuable

Summa Lean: this product is a metabolic aid, which also assists me in my energy lulls throughout the day, particularly in the morning and mid-late afternoon

Alaskan Fish Oil: for the very necessary and seldom understood need for omega-3 fatty acids

CoEnzyme B Complex: to help with cognitive function, and help process nutrients for fuel efficiency

Digest Complex: for assistance in breaking down the nutrients/meals I consume

Arginine Plus: for enhanced cardio vascular health and performance

Pea Protein (apple pie is my favorite!): to add quality (non dairy, gluten-free and soy-free) protein also aiding in inflammation reduction

Dragon’s Blood Extract: While the name may seem odd, (I assure you, no dragon’s were hurt during production), it is an absolute ESSENTIAL in my health regimen. To put it simply, it helps one’s blood move more efficiently throughout the body. Additionally, it registers as one of the (if not the highest value on the ORAC scale, which test for antioxidant values), but I won’t even get into that. Back to the movement of the blood. As we are all well aware, the blood is the delivery system of the body- carrying nutrients, oxygen, and vital properties throughout, as well as flushing negatives away to be processed out of the body. If you take a moment to think of what that means, it makes great sense. Without proper blood flow to a part of the body, that body part ceases to function properly, and in some cases dies. The brain, your joints, extremities, your skin, EVERYTHING needs proper blood flow, and this product helps that to happen more efficiently!

Problems with circulation- Dragon’s Blood Extract!

Sore Muscles- Dragon’s Blood Extract!

Painful or uncomfortable joints- Dragon’s Blood Extract!

Difficulty recovering from workouts or injury- Dragon’s Blood Extract!

Issues with inflammation/retaining water- Dragon’s Blood Extract!!

You name it, this nutrient helps!! Additionally, it helps every thing you put in your body to work better, and nearly every body function to process more efficiently! And like every Nutra Summa product it is a “Supplement you can FEEL!!”

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