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Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight

Brendon Charles

Brendon Charles is a Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness specialist. Fitness has always been a pillar in his life. He grew up in a very active and healthy family, and began playing sports at the age of 5. Falling in love quickly with the competitive spirit, Brendon spent most of his days on the football field in the fall, the wrestling mats in the winter, and baseball field in the spring. Sports have always been a very big part of his life.

Brendon studied Marketing at Arizona State University while also remaining very active in both the gym and on the fields playing intramural sports. After college, he quickly discoveredthe corporate world was not for him. He left his 9-5 marketing job to finally pursue his true passion in the health & fitness industry. His strong sense of mentoring & teaching led to his apprenticeship in the youth development field in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brendon is very active in his community. He coaches Pop Warner football, youth wrestling, and volunteers as a Big Brother with his local Boston chapter of the Big Brother, Big Sister foundation. Brendon recently became a certified youth strength and conditioning specialist through IYCA and is currently in the process of earning his certification in Youth Nutrition. He absolutely loves to work with kids and feels there is a huge shortage of strength training & nutrition knowledge for kids today. He is committed to helping the children in the Eastern Massachusetts area become better athletes, better students, and overall better people. His passion for helping kids get healthy and stay healthy while planning their personal growth and success is what he strives for.

YMpicIn 2015, Brendon founded the Young Muscle Company to help children develop an active and positive lifestyle. He believes targeted nutrition knowledge and physical activity will help show children that health is very important to their overall wellbeing. His company provides kids with a variety of healthy fitness activities and it all starts at his YM gym, which offers a wide selection of fun and challenging classes. These classes are created to harbor a courageous & health conscious younger generation. Classes focus on cross training and conditioning with a combination of coordination, agility, speed & strength drills that develop athletic skills as well as other youth activities.

For more information about Brendon and his company Young Muscle, be sure to check him out on Instagram @bren_charles and at

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