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About Nutrasumma

Brand Position

Nutrasumma exists to help each person actualize their fullest expression of health and well-being. We are protein/supplement innovators. From early on we understood that a supplement must also complement the body’s natural, healthy processes. So we created a line of products that works with the human body’s own intelligence to achieve and maintain optimal health, energy and wellness.

Brand Promise

Nutrasumma Promises Vitality

VITALITY is defined as exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. When you come across that magnetic personality that’s impossibly energetic, positive, and simply overflowing with life and its many pursuits, that’s vitality in action…and that’s what we deliver to those who use our products.

Brand Audience

Primarily Health Enthusiasts

Nutrasumma is all about wellness seekers. They can be longtime health enthusiasts or newcomers, serious athletes or casual fitness buffs, with varying degrees of food sensitivities and strictness about food choices, but they care about their bodies and what they put into them. With Nutrasumma make the best of yourself.

Nutrasumma Principles

  • We work with your body, not just on your body.

    All too often, even the natural supplement field applies the allopathic principle of attacking a symptom without considering its cause, simply using something more natural than a drug to do this with.

    Nutrasumma starts with the premise that your body is designed to optimize your health as well as it can, given what is put in it and what it is subjected to, and symptoms of health problems are generally a result of the body trying to make the best of a bad situation, whether that be a less-than optimal level of one or more nutrients, the presence of a toxic substance, or other factors.

  • We focus on beneficial results, not just on having an ingredient list that looks good.

    It’s important to look beyond having well-known ingredients represented on the label, and consider a wide array of factors that determine how well the formula accomplishes what it is designed to do. In a nutshell, we firmly believe that delivering more than we promise is a major key to success, and our formulas reflect that determination to inspire loyal customers by producing results that meet or exceed their highest expectations.

  • We consistently use meaningful quantities of ingredients.

    It’s very common for supplement manufacturers to use good ingredients, but only in very small quantities that aren’t likely to be effective. The fact that it’s on the label at all might sway a customer. Our products use quantities and concentrations chosen to be optimally effective.

  • We combine ingredients with synergy in mind.

    It’s in keeping with the principle of working with the body, not just on the body, to use ingredients in a careful combination to function as a team to help our bodies do their job with optimum efficiency. Part of the beauty of nature is that “side effects” of natural approaches tend to be beneficial rather than negative; as such, we can include different ingredients that each offer some desired benefit that the others don’t, and can help the body do its best and experience its best. Just as a healthful meal contains many nutrients that work together to help us, supplements can be formulated with the same principle in mind.

  • We take customer service very seriously.

    An indispensable part of our commitment to integrity and quality is our customer service. We are eager to help all of our customers to have the best possible experience with Nutrasumma and our products. Most of us, as consumers have experienced customer service that ranges from the excellent to the atrocious; with that in mind, we are determined to ensure that our customers view us as highly in this area as in all others.


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